Swimming pool, afordable places for fitness/yoga etc...

Hello all, Salaam everybody,

my name is Inès, I am from Utrecht the Netherlands and partly living in Agadir with my husband who is employed there. It would be nice to find people around to share thoughts, ideas, plans and visions in English, French, Dutch and Italian or Spanish. I work independently (editor a.o.) and will start another business in Morocco.

At this moment I am looking urgently for a great swimmingpool to make my weekly rounds, and a good and affordable place for fitness, yoga etc. but where would that be possible, not being resident in one of those hotels? I would also like to do some courses like f.i. surfing, dancing, guitar playing, painting, horseback riding.

Thank you for information or ideas!



Hi Inès,

I am Ramona (from Romania)  and I'm living in Agadir (my husband is Moroccan). I know there is the city's swimming pool (municipality). U'll have to pay 200 DHs/month and to register and make the card is another 400 DHs. Hmmm, I'm very bad at explaining locations but it is located somewhere near (on the street behind) that big restaurant called SODIVIAS (on the way to Marrakech, same street with Atacadao). Hahahha, I'm not sure u got it...sorry for that!

But what  do u think about meeting up for a coffee or a cake, someday soon?


Hi Ramona from Romania :)

Thank you for your explanations, in fact they were very clear. I understand where it is now and I will try to find my way there. Is it a nice big not too crowded one? I was hoping one of the big fat luxury hotels would consider to open up their pools for paying guests when there are hardly guests as residents - but in case they will, it is probably too expensive. Me too I'm living here with my Moroccan husband (on a Moroccan salary) but I'm only a few months a year around.

Thanks for your proposal! It would be fun to meet up for coffee/cake somewhere. I'll be staying in Agadir from next week to mid-november so sometime in the coming weeks whenever you feel like (from 16.00 hrs) let me know.

Cheers! Inès

Hey Inès,

Yes, I know what u mean but I know  the ones from the hotels are much more expensive. I have some friends that went to one from a hotel and the price was 700 DHs/day (with breakfast and lunch included). Anyway, if u want a place to train and keep yourself fit I recommend this one I told u about. It's a covered swimming pool with trainer, clean and quite big. 

Well, when u are in Agadir and have time to meet up let me know. Probably if u add me on FB it would be easier to keep in touch (Ramona Maria Stanciu).

All the best,
Ramona :)

Tnx Ramona! Yes usually use of the swimmingpools in the hotels are part of quite expensive packagedeals and I will try the one you suggested (in the hard cold days). Meanwhile I tried to find you at FB but there are several others with your name so I'll propose mine: Inès Wessels - Utrecht - Douentza (not the German ones, i'm the only one with that name in NL)

There is a swimming pool (outdoor) in bo hotel in sonaba and it's around 30dh entrance as far as I remember
It's not bad and not crowded at all :)

And yeh girls I will be in agadir in January drop me a message and we can meet up :)

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