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Retiring in Tanzania is doable?

Hello, my name is Carol Skinner. I currently live in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.  (Some people think that New Mexico is part of Mexico, but it's not.)  I am retired and I decided to find out if retiring in Tanzania is doable. I appreciate any information that you have that would help me make this research worthwhile. Big Question...Has anybody taken their dogs with them? Is it legal?

Hi NatureLoverCD,

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I have created a new thread with your post on the Tanzania forum for more visibility and interaction with the members.


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Well, I can't exactly say.  I am trying to do that but Tanzania is quite expensive, particularly Dar.  So it depends on how much money you have and what kind of living standard (accomodation) you require.

Hi Carol,

Regarding the dogs doubt would be a problem as long as they have all the certifications/ passports etc in order.

Retiring here in Tanzania and having a Safari are two extremely different things. Safaris are fun, day to day living is at best a challenge. BUT depends on where you plan on living aswell.

Don't want to put a downer on your plans but first thing to look into is how do you plan on coming to live here, on long term Visa, work permit.
Also bear in mind non Tanzanians cannot own land in Tanzania which means renting and that means high rents in good safe neighbor hoods with decent amenities .

Like Alan said Dar is extremely expensive especially if you have good taste and want a "western" quality of life.

Best bet would be to come here and live for couple of months and actually see what its like before you uproot everything and move here.

Your  information about the "high" cost of rent for decent places is very helpful. I have been looking at rental costs on the housing section, and I see that the rent costs about as much as my mortgage payments. 

Do you anything about Zanzibar or Arusha?  Are they safe places to live?  Are there many expats living there?

From roaming this site, it looks like most expats live in Dar. Is that true?

Again, Thanks for the info.


No worries, here to help.

I am based in Dar so I cant be much help on Arusha and Zanzibar. I would assume Arusha to have a significantly large expat community, Arusha is the next big town after Dar. Large businesses are based there such as Mining or tourism based businesses, Farming etc

Dar has the largest expat community since its a proxy capital of the country. All NGO's, charities, Foreign businesses, Embassies are based here. And that's why rents here cost as much as mortgage payment in other countries.

Zanzibar I don't know much about it but heard a lot of people say if you go there be cautious. Arusha I would assume is quite a safe place as can be, this is Africa after all.

Hopefully someone from either place can give you more useful information.

Hi Carol

Only two category people can live in Tanzania. Citizens and people with valid permit (work and residence). There are 3 types of permit A, B and C. You have to own a  business to get A class permit. or You have to work under some company to get a B class permit. C class is for students, NGO and missionaries i guess. And these permits are valid for 2 yrs and are extremely difficult and expensive.  You cannot simply decide to live in Tanzania. Its not that easy.  Accommodation in Dar can be very expensive.

On the other hand ...if you got a good medical insurance and covered and decent social security in US .....I think it is better you spent your retired life in US.


Thanks for the information. Reality sucks, but I think I will continue to pursue the possibility.



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