Civil engineering - CAD Technician - Job scope - Demand in this field.

Hello All,

I'm planning to move to New Zealand with Silver Fern job search visa. Which is opening this November. With this Visa I'm legally eligible to live and work in New Zealand for 9 months. My full intention is to find a skilled migrant job with visa and also its OK if it takes 3 to 4 months.

Basically I'm a Civil engineer and in depth I'm CAD technician/ Structural draftsman. All i want to know what is the available job opportunity for this post? And i have total 3 years of experience. Can i easily find a job or will there be any problem? 

After all this cost me to invest in Lakhs (INR). All I worried is after investing all this money, if can't find a job it will be big hurdle in my life.

So i need to think on a wise decision and plan further. Expecting someone advise...

Thanks in advance,

You have to keep in mind.
The companies are obligated to hire Kiwi and Native first. So you could be in for a long wait.
May I suggest you think about upgrading that visa once you get there and start on your paperwork for residency. Otherwise the money you spent will be worthless and you will be asked to leave after your visa is up.

Yeah thanks for the reply. My condition is worst were I need a job offer to apply Residency. Only then I can satisfy my points.  So I wanted to know about the job vacancy. So its very important that I need a job in New Zealand. All I wanted to know is about the availability of job I in that specific field. Do you have any idea regarding that?

Thanks in advance...

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