Getting a car and sim card once in Ireland


I am considering Ireland next year ,through I am worried about getting a car and prepaid sim card.

How easy is it  to buy a car? I will be using my current credit card from South Africa to buy it.
I won't have proof residence at start as I will be staying in grandad's flat in Dundalk until I find a Job.
I have valid drivers licence, through my wife does not and she is the British citizen and bringing me along to come and work there.

Another thing Is sim card as will need to use GPS on my phone to get around so I will require data connection on my phone. What documents do I need for sim card?

I will get rental car for few days Until I buy a car .


Using your credit card to make a large purchase might well attract a very large charge - Better to check the rules for overseas use of your card before you go ahead.

You don't need a new car in ireland, you can easily afford to buy a cheap workable car for under €500.

You can also get a prepaid simcard, you are stressing over small things.

So rather worry to get a job first, use public tran sport then buy a car

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