Have an arrest record and getting married in Brazil?

Hey James, not my brightest moment, I was arrested for a bar fight when i was younger with a misdemeanor assault but the charges were dropped. I have no conviction but there is an arrest record. Do i need to have it expunged before marriage and residency in brazil?

Hi are you marrieng a brazilian, because if you are you dont need the the police report anymore, All you need is your wife or girlfriend to wright a latter to say your a good person
By the way James has pastways

Thanks Pete. I noticed that after i posted, sorry. Thank you for the information,  i appreciate it a lot!

that ok
thats what we are here for,
your find others will confirm what ive said
when i took my stuff to the police some 1 year ago, they said they did not need the police check anymore

When you apply for your RN/CIE you will asked to sign a declaration stating that you do not have a criminal record in brazil or abroad. you should go the the PF website to find out what other documents that you need,.

Does this information also go for residency?

The RNE/CIE is your residency.

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