Affordable & Family Friendly near the Mall of Dubai? Suggestions?

hey guys,

I may be relocating for work in the Mall of Dubai early next year.

My wife and my new born are likely to relocate with me too..

I will be be based in the mall of dubai... I have read up and done a lot of research on neighbourhoods around the area.

any suggestions? low budget. family friendly. easy to drive/travel to work daily? (within 20-25mins drive radius).

realistically... how reasonable can rental be? I would need a simple 1 bed room unit with basic facilities.
unfurnished is fine as the company will provide relocation allowance.

Hello thetrainerguy :cheers:

To have an idea of rental prices, I invite you to check out this section :

> Housing in Dubai

Droping your advert in that section may help you find an affordable rental


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