Teacher English in Bucharest

I'm Giuliana, and i'm a student in bucharest. I need a private  teacher of English. I study in English, but i would to speak a good english. I would to do 4 hours a week.

Hello Giuliana,

I think I can help with a good English teacher. PM me if you're still interested.

Hello Giuliana and welcome to

Your thread is now on the Bucharest forum.

To find an English tutor, you may want to drop an advert in our Language classes in Bucharest section. There are already several adverts from potential tutors in there too :top:

All the best


Hi Giuliana...I am Rob, an American living here in Bucharest. I am a Native speaker and certified teacher. I will PM you more details. I would be happy to help you.

Hi everybody,

All those who are looking for an english teacher and those who wish to deliver english classes, i invite you all to post in the classifieds section > language classes category.

It is more appropriate.



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