My fiance is Ugandan

I am an american citizen engaged to a Ugandan citizen, (Mariam Fauzah Nabawanuka) . I'm sure you are aware of the dificulties Ugandans have getting admittance to the US. I met Mariam while working in Cairo as a teacher in 2014, Mariam was working as a nanny and as you may know many Ugandans go to Cairo to seek employment. For the past two years I have been trying to get Mariam here so we can marry and live our lives together. Unfortunately after two failed visa attempts, 1st as a tourist and then on the K1 fiance visa , I'm reaching out to anyone and everyone who may be able to help me in this dillema, wether directly or indirectly by way of legal contacts or relevant information. Any advise or help in the matter would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely , Guy Le Sage

Hi, it's not clear where you are now / nor where your fiancee is... but can't you first get married in UG / Egypt and then try and get to the US?
My British friend married her UG husband first before even trying to get a visa there.
I would suggest looking up the Expat pages on Facebook. There will be other Americans with similar issues - good luck!

Thank you for that . If this fails we will do that .

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