Indian food in Kl

If anyone can help me where can I find good Indian restaurants in Kl. Also where can I find all Indian stuff to buy.

There's a large Indian district in KL with everything Indian you can imagine. Brickfields just outside KL also has a massive number of very good Indian restaurants.

Thanks Fred. Also can you let me know whether for an Indian is it easy to get English teacher Job if he possess master degree in education?

Not easy to get an English teaching job in the country as they don't employ foreign nationals in the public school system.

Your best bet is to start looking at the international schools.  That Masters Degree will be a strong plus in your favor.

Little India is a great place for food and all things Indian, and easy to get to on the train.

Well, are we talking about cheap indian-muslim restaurants or indian vegetarian stalls or dedicated indian restaurants? Do you want north or south indian cooking? Do you want Hindu cooking or what dishes are are looking for? Do you want vindaloo, curry, tandoori, kebab?

Example, there is a very good indian restaurant opposite SJMC Hospital in Subang Jaya. This type has all the traditional indian dishes and its very expensive. And, is Bombay Palace in KL still operating? Thats a well known place and also expensive.

Indian cooking is spread all over KL and where you go depends on dishes and your budget.

There are also what I would call luxury mamak stalls in which the cooking is expanded and is double the cost of normal mamaks and those can be found in shoplot rows.

Since I mentioned Bombay Palace, here is a link to an entry on Tripadvisor, you can see the menu. Take a look, is that what you are looking for? Something less expensive?

And as was mentioned, Brickfields at KL Sentral is little india and full of shops for all things indian.  Any of the shops can also give you more advice too.

Thanks for the info.

The Indian stuffs you get from Brickfield or Little India. Another place for that is Jalan Ipoh.
Masjid Jamek also hast many indian stuffs to offer.

Thanks Nona

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