Australian man in need of assistance

There is a 72 year old Australian man very ill in Patong hospital Phuket. He is not conscious most of the time and the signs of him recovering are minimum. He is confused and I think also in pain. We have contacted the Australian consulate for assistance but they will not do anything to help. I find this a total disgrace and a sad reflection on Australia , is this the way they want their people to end up ?  Shame on you, the Australian consulate, shame on you for abandoning this poor helpless man in his time of need . It could happen to any of us, I would like to call on everyone to put pressure on the Australian consulate in Phuket to help this man, consulate number   +66 (0)76 317 700.  The sick man in question is John MacDonald commonly known as Mac. He needs consular assistance to get him back to Australia where he can receive proper medical assistance.

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