Certificate of change of residence

We are in the process of moving to Agadir - next week we travel and our shipment is all booked by sea, but out of the blue, we have been asked to provide a "stamped" certificate of change of residence....This has completed scuppered us as we have to get this from the British Consulate - the form does not actually exist - you have to draft it yourself and get it "stamped" by the consulate, then send the original to Casablanca (our port of entry) to release your goods from Customs.

Has anybody had any experience in getting this document? I am getting nowhere with the Consulate and so cant ship my goods until I get this document....costing me a fortune in storage

I suggested I go to a local Notary in UK and swear and Affidavit regarding change of address - the Consulate will not know me from Adam (nor will the Notary to be fair) - so struggling with this at the moment

Please let me know if anybody has come across this?

no you have to have an address in morocco and then you go to the moroccan consulat to give a certificat of resedency, you must have a place where you are going to be living or an rental  lease document here in morocco

Yes I already supplied all of these details - we still have to now drive to Rabat and get a stamp on a document I have had to make up - the British Consulate had never heard of this either....this is to get our shipment from England

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