Pension for Aussies who living in UK / Return to OZ in Retirement

Receiving a OZ & UK Pension Qualification Question??

Wanting help to establish what to expect to decide where to Retire in future??

Given you need to have lived in / hold a NI (National Insurance #) for 35 years before immigrants are eligible to qualify to receive any UK Pension; which is at the payment of £155.00 weekly. 

It had me wondering if any other Aussie Expats have lived and worked overseas then returned to OZ for their retirement years and what's the deal?  As I know there is some special exceptions for former residents of Countries that Australia has special social security agreements with.  Otherwise, it's 10 years living in OZ.

Wanting to learn what these Special Exceptions for former residents Means?   How many years must you live back in OZ before being eligible to receive your pension and is it at the full amount as if you'd never resided overseas?   Plus what are your entitlements from Australia if you remain living in UK when retire?? 
"Thanks In Advance" for all responses!!! 

Don't think Brexit will alter any special arrangements these OZ & UK  currently have!! 

We've been living Internationally since 2001.  In USA for 15 years and UK for 20 months with plans to remain living in UK throughout our working life!  However, at aged 52 for hubby with 20 years of Australian Employment under his belt in OZ prior to us relocation overseas.  and me at aged 55 with 40 yrs of life in OZ working on and off as my primary role was a stay at home mum.  Now we are empty nesters I'm now concerned for our finances during our Retirement years?

Will "Being a Citizen Of The World" ~ prove to have financial burdens and pitfalls for our future? 

Pending on what special arrangements OZ has with UK - as to where we will live in our Retirement years? 

Any other Aussie Expats had any personal experience in this area?  I'd welcome hearing your story!
Especially Aussies who relocated back to OZ and received their Pension!!

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