Applying a 90days social vist pass or Visa in Philippines?

Hello Guys,

I am planning to go to Malaysia for about 2months.. Is there anybody there who tried processing the visa here.? I'd like to know if it is hard? I have all the requirements however I have one problem that is regarding my bank statement. They are asking for a 3months bank statement with atleast $1000 on it.

I have a bank statement however I zeroed the deposit amount for a month since I was travelling but I just deposited it now.. Will they acknowledge it? Thanks ahead guys

apply for a student visa.student visa can have in 6 month and 1 yr

thanks.. anyway,.. is it easy to get?

3 months visa is very easy to apply if you have some friends in malaysia who can send you an invitation letter...i did it last year,,

Thanks girl...

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