Mahindra Pik-Up

Anyone heard anything good or bad about the Mahindra Pik-Up's. I've been to the dealer in Belmopan and they seem to be a good choice for the Cayo area. I really like that the diesel motor is non computerized, plus it has a lot of other options and a price that seem attractive. Just wanting some input from anyone who might have some experience with one.

I have heard  both good and bad. Bad first, One person told me the one she bought is the last Mahendra she will ever buy. reason she said was the body prematurely get rusty. i never heard anybody else say that. One positive comment i heard was, it is hard get one stuck in the mud. my wife think it is ugly . I do not agree.
Having said all these  there are plenty on the road ,i have not seen one yet on the roadside waiting for a tow truck.
a busy restaurant usually means the food is good..
This company started as a heavy equipment maker and I believe they know "Diesel" … road-test/

The only draw back that stopped me from buying one was that they do not, as yet, do an automatic gearbox and I really do not want to go back to Manual its been nearly thirty years since I drove a stick shift I'm too old and lazy to go back.

Thanks for your input.

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