Transportation for an independent person in a wheelchair.

Hopefully I have chosen the correct forum.

We're making a pre-move trip here on a 6 week holiday in 2 different locations. I have the initial accommodations booked in Telchac Puerto area. Trying to find a way there is a bit more tricky. We are traveling with our 60 lb Golden Retriever who after a 6 hour flight we need to think about her.

Rental car companies seem to be difficult to find in Cancun airport offering hand controls, Europcar rental via emails told me that they can offer hand controls but after reading reviews on them with tripadvisor I don't feel comfortable working with them plus on initial contract they offered me a car with a manual transmission. They also don't offer a central reservation number where I can call to ask questions or contact them if we had any problems. My wife doesn't feel comfortable driving outside of Canada.

I believe that transportation to our accommodations is roughly 4 hours. I have been told that a taxi will cost a fortune & have been recommended taking an air conditioned bus, again my concern with the dog is traveling in the cargo for 4 hours in the area that's not air conditioned.  Would anyone know the cost of a taxi, whether I could remove the hand controls from our vehicle to use on a rental, has anyone taken a dog in the cargo of a bus? & how is it for heat?

Last question because there is no forum on pets in Cancun. Does anyone know if our dog will arrive in the terminal where our baggage comes out or do we need to travel to the cargo section to find her? We'll be landing in Terminal 3 at 4:35 so will this cause us any problems picking her up & showing her medical forms from our vet?

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