Salary of IT Consultant

Dear Group,

   I am being offered a Job in Nairobi as IT Consultant. I have an experience of 15 Years. I am being offered following

1> 6000 USD Net in Hand
2> Accommodation Included
3> Family Insurance Covered
4> One Time Travel to India
5> Car Included

I want to understand if this is OK or I need to ask for more. I have a 2 Years old child and I have heard education is costly. Please suggest


Salary ok

This seems fine, as your child will only go to school after 1.5 to 2 years from now.

Thanks to all. I have heard that you need monthly expenditure on security which is 200 usd app. Can somebody confirm for the same. Thanks in advance.

If you are living in a House and not an apartment, then yes... it's always better to have security but that doesn't take much from your pocket as you mentioned $200-300

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