Life become very worse after landing in Sweden

Dear all my friends I am a Indian national land this country with my two children and wife on September 12 , children are aged 15 months and 13 yrs old. Unfortunately we all came here as student dependent visa (wife is a student)I never know that this country is this much difficult to find a job or accommodation. Still I don't find any accommodation as cheap I am not able to financially to hire a apartment instead of a room Now Iam living with some one who meet in street in his one room until end of October,the person who was in that room will coming back first week of November.after that I don't have any place to go with my family . Earlier I have paid  a huge amount in hostel because I don't find any room. If anyone like to help me after read my situation please come forward and give me a hand  God will bless you , winter so near I have to survive with my children.

And yes.. Europe is very expensive and hard... And in Sweden, to find a rent accommodation is almost impossible, above all in big cities in South. Only buying is possible, but to buy, you must have a lot of money and so, a good job, because if you have a "little" job without high qualifications, it will be too hard to survive and your family won't be able to come with you, because you must have enough money for your family can live without social allowance. What kind of visa do you have??? Because you can't come in a country to look for a job like that. You must find a job before to come or get a jobseeker visa. And for that, you must have enough money to live for six months...

It's rude but fact....  You will not get regular accommodation in absence of job. Why did you migrate at first place without job in hand that too with kids.... 
Sorry for not coming with help proposal....

I am saddened to hear about your situation. It is difficult to be in such conditions with wife and family. I can only imagine. Sweden can be very costly and finding accommodation is very difficult and also expensive. The only way to survive if you plan to move to Sweden is to in the case of a student, come to Sweden with enough money to sustain you, before you get there. So for example if you plan to live there for a year, you should find a place to rent before you get there, like online and have enough to pay rental for the whole year. You need to plan beforehand. Making sure you can financially sustain yourself in case you don't find part time work as a student while you are there. Money for day to day expenses, finding schools for kids etc. All this you should have and do before you leave your home country. When you arrive you can then take your time to find a job. After a year, if you haven't been able to find work, you go home if there is no opportunities for you in Sweden. At least you will have managed to look after yourself and family while there and less pressure on you to find work because you have enough money. This is the best route to migrate if you are not migrating as a person who has a work permit, unless you are a refugee and can get a bit of assistance from government.  My advice, check online to see if there are organisations in Sweden helping families in need or difficult situations like yours, or if you have money available check on this site Residensportalen, you can Google online: Residensportalen Sweden,
The other advice if the situation seems impossible and financially its difficult, you may need to go back home and then see how you can prepare and return to Sweden in future. Also try speaking to people from your community/ country. Go out there try to make contacts, tell people your situation and you may find someone who can assist you.

I hope everything comes right.

All the best

I Second that!

As Sasindran has discovered, unfortunately, too many people believe the myth that the streets of Europe are paved in gold and affordable housing is readily available for all; they're not.  I'm not being negative in saying this, it's a simple fact of life in Europe.

In general, legitimate refugees can expect assistance, immigrants get nothing (unless they are working).  People (especially those with dependants) really need to know they have somewhere to live and unless they have the money to cover them for the period they are living there, a job to go to that will meet their needs.

I wish Sasindran the best of luck.

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