Contract Debts

Hi everyone,
Is the first month accommodation typically paid by the employer? Or is it typically a debt - they pay it only if you stay for the duration of your contract. Same question about a return flight. Is it paid only if you stay the duration of your contract? What about immigration fees (that done in Qatar, not that done in your home country)? Is that also a debt (employer pays only if you stay the duration of your contract)?

Also, my housing allowance is 5000, but my employer cannot find me accommodation for the first month for under 6500. I don't like the idea of any debt, but it seems unfair that I would have a debt greater than the amount of my monthly housing allowance. Am a wrong to see it that way?

THE accommodation typically paid by the employer IF you want to have it Cash so You have your home yourself
the return flight the employer pays only one time or based on your contract

immigration fees  that done in Qatar the employer will pays it
its up to you if you want the housing allowance cash or house 
if you need more info cont me

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