When you move, what do you need to pack?

We plan on retiring and moving next summer to Merida and renting a place. Do rentals includes all the kitchen stuff, towels, sheets, etc? Do you just takes clothes and buy everything else you need? Any words of wisdom would be appreciated!

Debi and Johnny

My last three rentals included everything you listed.  Two included TV. Two included Internet.  Do a looksee and try to confirm a rental that gives you time to arrange to bring whatever you don't want to buy down here.  Memorabilia, heirlooms, etc.  If you do decide to move household goods, it may take month to reach you.  If you factor in the cost of moving a normal household as you might to a US location, buying new down here is probably cheaper.

I've seen rentals that may not have light bulbs.  Never seen sheets and towels. Kitchen may have very little in it.

Sometimes very hard to find cotton sheets

Hi, we are in the process of moving full time in Mexico (west coast) next summer.
So, we have rented a place for this winter (fully equiped 2 bedroom apart...TV, internet, Mexican cable, electric, including very good linen, washer/drier, propane BBQ, coffemaker, microwave, etc) for 10000$ pesos a month. If we rent year round then the price will be 8000$ pesos.
Basically, all apartments are rented with some stuff...the best is to find a place before the final move and know what is included or not for what price.
For more basic apart...the rent would go much lower in our area some apart. will go for 4000$ to 6000$ pesos a month and even less!!!!
When moving, we will not bring household goods except for some cooking ustensils they don't have and personnal souvenirs so we will have an total of 3-26" suitcases plus the computers/tablet carry-on.
Adios, hope this will be usefull.

That sounds like a well thought out plan.  The key in many locations is having a place into which you can move after your move.  In some places you won't be able to find a place unless you rent from the 1st of the next month whether you can move in that quick or not.

Yes very helpful! Thank you so much for sharing that information. Good luck with your move in!

Debi and Johnny

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