Help: Australians wanting to move long term to Mallorca...

Good Day,

My wife and I are seeking to move to Mallorca. Has anyone had experience with this process, we are both early thirties and do not have EU passports. How difficult is it to obtain a non-lucrative visa? Is this the best option, my wife will not be working and I will be working outside the EU on foreign going ships... What is the interview process like?? Hoping to hear from people that have been through this process already

Would anyone suggest using an immigration lawyer for the process if so any names would be great

Any tips, advice and general information would be highly appreciated....

Many thanks in advance


Yes we have been through the process and have helped hundreds of others through the process as well.  It isn't tough, just loads of paperwork, but you can do it!  :-)   You can read more on our blog.

Thank you, just downloaded your book exactly what I have been looking for!!!

Great Ryan,  Please let us know if you need any assistance or clarification.  :-)  Let us know when to welcome you to Spain on our facebook page.  Where do you plan to live in Mallorca?  We just spent a week in the north of the island over the summer and loved it.  We were in Porto Pollensa.  Best of luck to you.

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