Hello my name is Jimmy.
I am Scottish and travelling on my own for a short break in Copenhagen from Tues evening 1st -  leave Thu pm on 3rd Nov..... I only have approx 24 hours in total to make the most of my stay and enjoy the city.

Can you as an ex-pat (male or female any Nationality)  in Copenhagen able to give me advice on the best places to visit both during the day and evening and also perhaps meet up for a coffee/drink chat.? 

I enjoy exchanging views and meeting people from different countries in a casual way and I try not to take life too seriously.

All replies welcome

I hope to hear from you with your ideas to make my short stay interesting.
Thank you

If you go to "Nyhavn" it's lovely there and they  do boat trips where they take you round and give you a history of the city, you can see the architecture and also the little mermaid statue (if you want to of course haha) It takes around an hour and a half but it's something to do and it's interesting :)

Hi Sophia
Thats great thank you very much for your information I really appreciate it
Have a nice weekend

I'm guessing you could use be the culture night webpage.

Not all events take place outside this event, but at least you can look around, see things that you might find interesting and its actually written in English, so should give a rough idea.

24H is quite a short time to see everything in Copenhagen, so my advice is to prepare everything before hand, including what transports to get you there. For more than a couple travels using public transport it makes sense to buy a Rejsekort card at the airport, which is in essence a pre paid travelcard you load money onto and use to pay your journeys, rather than having the hassle of buying single tickets all the time.
Taxi/Cab here is rather expensive (as with most things) compared to England, so be prepared

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