halloween party

does anyone know any places for Halloween party? I don't want to miss it.
if you know any places or upcoming events please share it with me, I'm in if you want a date though :D

There is one in Seder compound on 28th. Price 120sar. Fyi

Hey! That's great news. How does one get on the list for that?

but is it open for public ? I think such parties are usually organised by groups of people ,am I right ?

Let me talk with administration, I will inform you soon in details

wow! that will be sooo great...then i need a date :D

I hope this works! 😍👌


Inform me when you find out


I'm having one, it's called Halalloween ...

Oh goosh, I miss Halloween party so much, I haven't attend one since 2014 :(

please guys, if there is halloween party around, please let me know, so bumped....

is any event in jeddah if any one know please tell me .

Thank you

The seder compound  party isn't open to the public.  You have to know someone on the compound so they can sign you in and take responsibility for you.  It's a safety issue and nothing personal.

i understand its nothing personal, but that means i will miss it because I know none there :/
guys from seder compound.... any volunteers to help? :D

Please guys 😊

yep there is..

some details please

Please we are interested.  How do payment

there are halloween parties everywhere on 28th Oct.

One am going to is Al Najd Compound however the guest list is closed, if you wanna go to Fal Compound halloween party then u better send your details on the following email address ASAP, you may quote my reference.


its 28th oct.

Any halloween party in Riyadh

Farah_sh :

Any halloween party in Riyadh

There one on 4th nov. Then Halloween will be over.

Jeddah was crazy this weekend...good times.....

hamudi :

Jeddah was crazy this weekend...good times.....

you haven't seen Halloween in al najd compound most famous party of the year in riyadh more than 700 people :D two dj were spinning seperately.

Hey, i just got invitation for a party on 11th nov guess wot its DJ BIG G will be in town again. anyone who would like to go please lemme know. BTW i ain't organizer.

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