Letter of invitation for ordinary VISA ( VOR)


I hve been conntacted for a job opportunity in angola and accepted the offer , signed cotract sendig some documents  in order that my employer submit  a letter of invitation to be signed , the visa type I am concerned with is VOR 30days .

My question is how long it takes for a lettre of invitation for this kind of visa to be signed . because I see peaole talking about 3 months and even 6 months however employer is saying it could takes 2 - 3 weeks .

please can any one tell how long it took for him or any information about this LOI.


Inquire to Angola  Immigration website for more details

Hi. The letter of invitation is made by the employer, I don't see why it would take any time at all. Now the time to issue the visa is something else, can be slow or fast, depending on which embassy it is, if the employer has got connections, etc

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