Looking opportunities (work or start up business)

Hi All Members,

Goedenmorgen, ik ben reenz.
I just join this member after one month trying to stay in the netherlands with my dutch partner.

Have been 1 month, I'm looking a job here but seem not easy although I have 10 year experience in brand management and has worked in leading multinational companies.

I'm fluently in english and just started learning Dutch.

Got more than hundred rejection from companies that I applied

Does anyone have an experience of successfully getting a job? If Yes, please share.

Another approaching, if hard to find the job in netherlands. I'm thinking to build start up business.

Does anyone have an experience with start up business in netherlands? Please kindly to share your experiences here.

Thanks in advances.

Warm regards,

I am not in Netherlands however am willing to go
I am entrepreneur in the computer and software field and maybe this could be my entry, If you are considering in future in making online business or any kind of business related to software, please contact me

Welcome on board  :cheers:

I know it's very hard to find a job that meets your interests and skills.
However, without the knowledge of the Dutch language, it seems almost mission impossible. Have you tried international companies?

As to start your own business, it's very wise to contact first to Kamer van Koophandel,  the chamber of commerce. They can give you plenty useful information and what to do.

Heel veel succes  :top:

Hi Reenz,

It's doable; my eldest daughter moved back to Holland just over a year ago and within a week had found a job.  She started off by going to one of the many Uitzendbureau's in Holland; registered and within 7 days she had temporary work (apparently most jobs in Holland nowadays start off with a temporary contract), within a month she had found something permanent and she's now been there almost 12-months.  How she did it:

1.  Dutch national - so didn't have to get sponsorship.
2.  Speaks and writes fluent Dutch, so able to communicate effectively with colleagues and customers.  Turned out that after 20-years of not speaking Dutch, she wasn't quite as good as she thought she was, but it turned out to be only a minor set-back and now she and her colleagues laugh about it.  The point is that speaking Dutch is important, but not quite so important as some will say.
3.  Recognised qualifications; logistics sector; the Dutch are big on qualifications.
4.  Relevant and recognised experience; she came from a multi-national blue-chip company, so she brought good practice with her and they didn't have to train her.

IMO, the more of the above you can cross-off your list, the more chance you will have of finding work.

I wish you the best of luck. :)

One last point; unless working in English is a required part of a job in Holland, the value of your ability to speak it is vastly reduced, unless you speak it as a 2nd language and you use it as evidence of your ability to learn new things.  Our daughter was educated and went to Uni in UK; English plays no part in her work today (apart from being able to read a printer manual that was only in English).

Hello Cynic and Primadona million of thank for ur advices, honest that mean a lot for me 😊

@ Primadona yes, i have been trying to send my cv to the international company but they refused me coz my dutch not suficient enough.

@ Cynic yeah correctly dutch language is important. I'm learning by online in here and will take the intensive class while im goung back to my country shortly to prepare inburgeren test. But to be fluent need some time. That's why I wanna trying another approaching to build start up business.

Hope everything will going smooth as a plan. Keep contact 😊

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