Two Puppies for Adoption in Mahebourg

We (my roommate and I) found two puppies, both 5 weeks old in Mahebourg this morning. We are only here for three months and therefore would like to find these puppies a permanent home. They are half golden retriever, and half another variety, both with golden coats. They are very friendly, play well with other dogs, are de-wormed, and will be vaccinated next week (we don't mind paying for their vaccinations).

We're looking for a permanent home for them (preferably both of them will be adopted at the same time!)

Pictures on request.

Thank you!

Can I see a picture please?

Sure, here they are. They're de-wormed and we'll pay for their vaccinations.

Hi kirabreclingen

My husband and I will be moving to Mauritius in January 2017, if you still have not found anyone who can take care of them please let me know!

We are planning to adopt a puppy given that there are so many stray dogs in the island.... we love animals and specially dogs!

I'm not sure if I could adopt both of them but at least I can help with one, I could convince my husband to adopt both though, will try my best :-)

Do you have pictures?



I just saw the picture, sorry I had not seen it!

They are so cute!!

Sorry, Cristina.

They've been adopted.

Hi everyone,

since the puppies have been adopted already, i am closing this thread and invite you to drop an advert in the Mauritius pets classifieds if you are either looking to adopt a puppy/pet or if you are offering one in adoption.

All the best,

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