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Update about Meet up Mind & Heart. … heart.html

I want to say thank to 7 people who came and joined the meet up last night.
I just want to write to all of you a short update of what was going on.

1st, Pre-meet up, here are responds from people I’ve received:

+ Someone told me that Friday evening is not good timing, since people are up to party, fun and not a serious topic. “You put pressure on people”.

+ “You should separate English speaking people and Vietnamese speaking people”.

+ “If you practices mindfulness, there is no such thing named mind and heart at all.”

+ And significantly, someone shared to me that: “ … with me, I’ve not let my heart decided anything yet ever since. Perhaps because of that I never see myself happy.  Is happiness seeing people around me happy although I’m not? If I have to select, I select unhappiness for myself to make people around me happy. People may not understand this, but I don’t care, as long as I feel it’s right …”

2nd, During meet up, here are briefly sharings, feedback from people who joined:

Someone said: “this went better than I expected. Mind and Heart? I even don’t usually share my mind and heart with my close people, and I’m gonna share with a bunch of strangers?”

Another one said: “even if a decision is not totally based on heart, but it’s helpful for the future, and it enable me to do what I like in the future, it’s worth to make”

Another one said: “it’s hard for me to differentiate between mind and heart, because they’re not separated to each other”

Another one said: “I selected to study IT based on mind while I didn’t like it. My family & relatives told me to select it since there will be a good job waiting for me after I graduated”.

Another one said: “sometime it’s hard to follow what I really like to do, since it doesn’t bring me money, finance right away to support my life”.

Another one said: “for me, I experienced falling in love with someone and my mind was not strong enough to get out of the relationship. It took me 4 years to make the decision”.

Another one said: “I had a very poor and difficult family background, which I have to face the mind and heart issue. My heart wanted to continue the study at University to have a better future, but my mind had to make a decision to study at a College so my family could afford it”.

And 3rd, after-meet up, we were discussing about topic of next meet up.

Please share with me, if you are the one who will organize next meet up, which topic will you select?
And let me know if you want to be the facilitator of the next meet up!

On the other side, let me know your preferred time, venue and set up!
The meet up was organized in a restaurant, pay as you order, but should it be in the set up of food and drink or not?

Thank you for your sharing and support! Hope you will come & come again to next meet up!
Thank for supporting this event!

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