Repair shop of samsung in kurtkoy pendik

Hello everyone i need help my phone is in safemode and i try all the things from youtube...but it didnt work.... can you help me to find so i can go tomorrow... its asap... thankd guys

There is a Samsung service center in Dogu Mah. in Pendik. You can search the address up online. 

Alternatively, you can also visit Kadikoy for more options.

Good luck

Your a great help... thanks for that...

No problem.

Can you send me the full details regarding the repair shop so i can go tomorrow.... please... thank you i really need it....

I dont recall the exact name. I think you may want to google Samsung Service center, Pendik. If you dont find it like that, let me know.

Good luck

I cant find in google... i didnt understand the other...

The first search result in following.. … k+istanbul

I can translate everthing for you from turkish to english just contact

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