Buying property in Bali

Hi my wife and I are interested in buying property in Bali she is an Indonesian citizen but has permanent residency in Australia. She hasnt lived in Indo for 23 years is there a waiting period ?Can anyone tell me the process we need to go through to make this possible.

Any Indonesian can buy, but there is a potential issue.
A couple's property is 50/50 in Indonesia law and foreigners can't own land in this country.

Edit to clarify and update.
Foreigners married to an Indonesian still can't own property but the prenup clause is now available as a postnup.

This just means you can now make a contract with your spouse that allowed them to own property but the foreign half of the marriage holds no title to it.

Those not married to an Indonesian still can't own land regardless of the dodgy schemes so often peddled as legal.

Before thinking of anything else, I'd first check that her Indonesian citizenship is still valid here in Indonesia.  Assuming that is all is a particularly good time to be looking at property in Bali.  It is a buyer's market right now...but how long that lasts before it's back to a seller's market is anyone's guess.


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