Looking for job in Saigon or Can Tho. Teaching language?

Hello everyone,
I'm looking for a job in Saigon or Can Tho.
It would be great for me if i could find a job as german language teacher. I know there is not a big need for it, but i also have got the TEFL certificate and the specialist certificate "Teaching english to young learners" (But i'm not a native english speaker and i have no experience yet).
I would do another job too, actually i work as an electrician in a factory for plastic extrusion. I have got a lot of experiences in it.

Best regards, Ronald:-)

Saigon vs. Can Tho does seem to be an odd set of alternatives.  I expect there may be personal factors. 

I recall a German school in Tan Binh, HCMC somewhere on the triangle that directs traffic coming out of the airport but it seems they have moved to District 2. … al-school/  You may need general teaching credentials to work there as they seem to be a fully international school and not only for German language.  Even if you don't meet their criteria, it could be a good place to contact German expatriates.

If you did find a job as an electrician in a plastics factory, you would likely be working for local wages, perhaps in the range equivalent to $500US per month for a six day week.

My friend just moved to Can Tho and she said jobs are many.

What kind of jobs? Could you connect me with your friend, please?

Sorry can't do that, do what she did, go around the schools and drop off your CV. You can also try Vietnam ESL on Facebbok, place an advert there and see how you go.

I think that you may have a reasonable expectation of finding an English teaching job in Can Tho in particular.  You obviously are not a native speaker as your writing shows, but many hiring managers will overlook that if you meet the visual profile of northern European from 21-35 years old. You did mention having taken some type of TEFL course but you did not mention if you have a Bachelor's degree.  If you do not have those two documents, you may work as an English teacher in Vietnam, but you may not do so legally as these are the two basic criteria for obtaining a work permit.

I am constantly surprised by the number of people on this board who seem to find employment in non-teaching occupations but most of them do arguably have special skills such as culinary work in European themed restaurants.  As I mentioned above, Vietnam probably has an adequate supply of factory electricians.    The threads linked below about top hiring sectors and living in Can Tho seem to have been inactive for a while which is not a good sign.

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