Need your help expats...

Hello there, I'm Liz living and working in Jordan.. this 1st of November I'll be in Israel until 22..this time I visit with purpose, I'm leaving Jordan for good to back in my home country Philippines.. I have 22 days of vacation before my flight and I need extra money to bring, please help me expats to get a part time jobs while Im there, any kind..I work in a five star hotel as a waitress and cleaning some apartments during my free days and baby sitting as well.. if there's filipinos can read this and willing to help its really appreciated.. Thank you!

I would do a search for Filipinos in Israel on FB. There's a Union & Association for caregivers.

Then I'd post asking where you can find work.

This is really a big help to me!! Please, let me know anytime in case you find one.. Thank you :)

Find one what?

You can search yourself. I'm not doing the searching for you.

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