Kenyans in Seychelles

Hi how many Kenyans are in Seychelles?  Can you share your experience there and lifestyle. What about job opportunities around?  Are you able to work and save something for your families back in Kenya?
Hoping to hear from you soon.

I am from South Africa and I'm also interested in your answers here! Please let us know :) Leánne Stander, photographer

Your reply...Hello hope we get reply. am really interested.

Hi Akeyo
If you hear of any job opportunities there pls let me know too. I find it very hard to find something on the internet for the Seychelles.
Best Wishes!

Your reply...Will keep in touch dear.
God bless you.

Thank you!!

hello ,,i'm from Egypt please let me know if u find out .

Hi akeyo are you in Seychelles?

Your reply...I am also interested to know

hi dear am happy to find a Kenyan in this forum.I am a kenyan lady looking forward to relocate to Seychelles and find a job there.i have been applying for jobs online but nothing has come out so far.your kind advise will be appreciated.

irene Awuor

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