Receiving Mail in Montenegro?

Hello All,

We recently lived in a country that does not have door to door mail delivery, so this question came up. We are going to be in Montenegro for a few months, Nov to Jan. Generally speaking, is there delivery per individual household in Montenegro?

I tried asking the owner of our rental apartment, but I regret the language barrier has left me unclear. Do apartments have individual numbers, or are family names used on mail boxes?

Anything information would be much appreciated. I should mention we'll be in Herceg Novi, in case the situation varies by area.



Hi Ed,
Well, the situation here is specific in most of the coastal towns: there is a door to door delivery but most places do not have a number... So your mail goes to "Street Name b. b." where b. b. means "bez broj" or "without number"...
So if you're only going to be here for a short period, it would be better to have the mail delivered to the name of the owner of the place, or to rent a Box at the Post Office (not sure if that is possible on a short term basis though).
Hope that helps,

Very helpful, thanks!

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