Abdul Vs Abdur in Passport and Degree

Hi friends,

My father name in Passport is Abdul Razzaq while in all my degrees/certificates it is Abdur Razzaq.

Will this cause any issues in my Saudi Visa application?

Seems nobody is here to guide me!!!

It's minor discrepancy but may affect your visa application success chances.
I'd advise you to get it corrected as fast as possible.

Thanks for the reply.

Should I go for updating it in my passport or in degree?

For update in passport, I will require only NADRA record update and then passport update but for degree; I will have to get updated all my certificates from Matric onwards.

Whatever you feel easier. The bottom-line is that you must have them ALL of them the same.

Please note that in your iqama, your name will be 5 words long that must match with the combination in passport.

Abdul Jabbar Abbasi (your name for example) will become
Abdul Jabbar Abbasi Abdul Rehman

My advice is based on this insight.

As per my personal experience that's not a big deal. My passport name and degree name varies a lot and had never any issues regarding to this. But you never know, this is magic kingdom !!

Those were good times @saimans. :)

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