Can i enter Vietnam without visa again ?

Hi,im Philippine national,im planning to go vietnam around November and as i know Philippine national was free of staying within 21 days,my problem is i been in Vietnam last March,can i able to come back again,or i still need to apply visa,and if for example i can enter Vietnam without visa again is that after 21 days i must exit Vietnam to get a multiple visa so i can stay more than 3 months?hope anyone can give me advice..

The second entry into Viet Nam has to be at least 30 days away from the previous exit, in otherwise cases, guests will have to apply for a visa as normal. At least this is rule for Scandinavians now.

welcome to vietnam!

Filipinos can enter VN without visa  and will get a 21 days stamp upon arrival ,if you want to stay longer than 21 days you can apply for a visa sticker  one week prior to expiration of your stamp entry through any travelling agency  , that means you have to apply for a visa letter and through the border of Vitnam and cambodia  you can apply for a visa sticker , cost is separate from the visa letter and roughly will cost you 150 to 200 usd. goodluck

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