Long stay visitor Visa ends next month, I want to get PACS with my bf

I am currently carrying a Long stay visitor visa to spend time with my french boyfriend. My visa ends next month on Nov. 6th, I have a carte de sejour sticker in my passport from July. How can I prolong my stay? We are considering PACS but not sure if its worth it because I don't have much time left. What is the best solution?

Probably going back to get another long stay visa.  But, there are little tricks to get through but it's best to go back and do it the legal way.... i heard that even with PACs you must go and get a one year visa to stay.  I'm not sure if it's true or not :-).  I am investigating this issue with PACS myself.  My boyfriend and I plan on doing this ourselves too.  I am going to consult with the American Embassy or an Expat attorney here who can help with paperwork.  One more thing, if you can get papers from an employer here to work it will help implement you into the system here.  If someone can add or comment, it would be helpful! ! Good luck

you from where

I am from the USA! :-)

hi you're bf Europen is possible

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