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Dear all,

I am new here and I am considering moving to Abu Dhabi with my family. I am negotiating for a position at the university there as an assistant professor with relocation paid, house allowance up to 5,000€/month, 20,000€/year for the kid's school (although he is still 4 months old, so maybe it is for the kindergarten), one business flight/year for the family and at the end of the contract, if it is not extended, one salary per year of employement. About month salary we did not discuss yet, but I saw that for a position as an assistant professor there, 20,000/21,000AED seem the normality. I also think I do not get a car, so I will either hire or buy one.

About myself: I have a PhD and a MBA and I am product manager for a company here in Germany where I earn about 5000€/month (gross).
Do you think the package I was offered, speculating on the month salary, is good for my family and myself for Abu Dhabi? Will we struggle for living or it will allow us to live comfortably?

Thanks for any information you can give me


Hello Gio :cheers:

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You can accept this offer. Your wife also can search for jobs and support you.

Hi Shanafashyaana
Thx for your reply. But you mean that my wife should better find a job herself as the package alone cannot support my family?
Thx again

Yes of course, but Abu Dhabi stands second highest expensive cities in the world. You will get to know the expenses once you start living, especially you have a family. Your package is not bad and it's enough to meet the expenses if it includes accommodation. Or else the life will be a struggle. You can have a better life if your wife can find a job.

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