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I want to ask advice because I have job offer  from other company here in Bahrain also and I submit resignation letter to my current employer via post office.Since I am under probationary period,I gave him 5 days notice so he will get chance also to hire another person as my replacement for his shop.Beside the letter I gave in post office,I gave him also letter hand to hand but he didn't accept it.Now that the 5 days notice period I gave to him is over,he didn't receive yet my resignation letter from the post office because I went to the post office to take the pink card and they told me to wait more time since the letter is not yet sent.I want to know if I can move now to the new job even the pink card is not yet with me or do I need to work more with him until I don't have the pink card in my hand even the notice period I gave is over?

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Kindly read this article carefully, which should answer your questions


Thank you sir.
It will really help me a lot.


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