What kind of "very very small bussines" could I start in Lanka?

Hello everyone
I want to shift to lanka and I'm thinking to start a very small bussines there to earn a way of living, but I don't have too much money to invest
can some one give me some advice about what kind of "very very small bussines" could I start in Lanka?
Thanks a lot!!

Hi Isismocbed,

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Priscilla  :cheers:

Hi Isismocbed,

First of all you cant do a business in sri alnka without a investor licence there is lot of formalities. i am not sure what kind of  business you planning to do. send me more details. from there i can advice you.
Have a nice day

Hi Isismocbed,

with new government policy definitely you will invest in sri lanka. whether it is big or small. it is very lack of details given about your business as Mr. Aj mention.
write with more details.
it is seem you want to settle in sri lanka.. i don't know but i think as your forum.

however keep positive mind..
Have a good day


Hi, Good day

You could start a Tourist Guidance service business for tourist from your country with some sort of MUTUAL PARTNERSHIP WITH A RELIABLE  FRIEND OR PERSON, for the tourist will be trusting you more than the local for their comforts and conveniences.

Hi I can help you. Contact me by email. xxxx


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Hi ,y name is David. I'm on the same way like you.I came to Sri Lanka three months ago.I'd like to start run small hostel or something. Can be in contact. David

As far as you are coming from a tourism country I suggest to consider tourism related business activities. If you are interested please mail me.

Hi David,

I am looking for an investor for my business in Sri Lanka. If you are interested please pm me. then i could share you in detail.



Ok. How can I meet you? This is my phone number; ***

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Hi Rila, i find this very interesting, i will like to move from Colombia to Sri Lanka, here I work in atravel agency, what can of bussiness can i do there?, Thank you very much.

Hi david, i like your project, can you tell me about it?
Thank you.

There seems to be a lot of conflicting information on this thread, as per my experience, there is really no bar in setting up any type of business for foreigners in Sri Lanka.

You do not need to go to the B.O.I. unless it is a large business.

The problem occurs when you (if) you need a RESIDENCE VISA to live here for long periods of time, and that can be resolved in various ways, including the B.O.I. or other available avenues also.

If you need any further help, please Private Message me.

Good Luck!

Since you are travel business it is easy to arrange canvassing  for Columbians and others to visitors  Sri Lanka and you can undertake their safe and pleasant stay in Sri Lanka.

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