Question- What is cost of air ticket from Ghana to San Diego?

What is the cost form Ghana to san Diego, ca


Like Fred mentioned, if one really wants a valid answer they should Google it.

Flight costs anywhere change constantly and vary according to the season as well as the site or travel agency. Just to get an impression, I found a cheap site and saw that the cheapest flight going mid-Nov. and returning 2 weeks later cost a bit over 1300 US dollars with Ethiopian Airlines. It goes from Accra Kotoka Airport to Addis Abeba Bole Airport, there is a change for a flight to Washington Dulles Airport and there one changes for San Diego. So 3 flights and a total of 38 hours traveling.

The quickest connections I saw took about 24 hours but cost around 2400 USD. The cheapest flights from carriers like British Air, KLM, Iberia and United were in the 1500 to 1600 USD range.

The website I looked at is a German one (since I live in Germany). It is hard to say what one can book from Ghana. But I would say this is an expensive route. From Europe, in comparison, one can fly to many destinations in North or South America or Asia at this time for well under 1000 dollars.

I did not look for one way flights. My personal experience flying to the States is that it actually cost more to book a one-way flight than round-trip for reasons that are too complicated to go into. And unless one has residency in the States or an American passport, a round-trip ticket is usually required anyway.

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