Credit card application eligility for expats

Hi, I am a new member here :)

I'd like to know more about the experiences for those who has applied for credit card in Malaysia for expats.

I want to know more about the eligibility and how easy (or how difficult?) to get one as expats, such as minimum income, visa, or other requirements. I believe it is obviously differ from local.

Well I need one for my online shopping, some sites does not accept Malaysian debit card, too bad.

Thanks! :)

I'll be curious to hear if anyone has had any luck. I had one attached to my ex-wife's account while we were still married. But some reason I just don't understand she wanted the card back when we divorced.

Right now I've been using my US card with no problems (you have to let your bank back home know you're living overseas) along with my CIMB debit card and have had no issues.

Hi Iskandar,

Well that's the issue. Initially I tried to apply it from my home country, however since I am employed here in Malaysia since I graduated from Uni, I did not have a chance to apply it from my home country and I believe credit card application might takes few days or weeks to process, which is not possible for me to take leave that long..

so maybe I just try my luck to apply credit card here, I don't need high limit actually, just for online shopping and online subscription :P

My case is probably far difference since I'm 60 years old, and have credit cards in the US for 30+ years (actually I canceled them all about 20 years ago, but reopened a couple to use when traveling) so when I moved to Malaysia I just kept them. I have virtual mailbox in the US and any mail is sent there and forward to me here. But the bills and such are all online and can pay them that way. I also still have a fair amount of income from some online work I do for a uni in the US that's more enough to pay for whatever I charge.

The biggest issue I would suspect of using a card from your home would be paying the bill from Malaysia.

Getting a credit card is easy if you have a work or residence visa.

Open a bank account, apply for a credit card.

Prepare for foolishness from credit card department in processing your request (my experience, though all of my colleagues received theirs in 30 days).


Want to know if credit rating is bad in home country can an expat apply for a credit card in malayisa

rosa - some banks for foreigners will need you to set up a fixed deposit to the max value of the proposed credit card value. Then they will lock that FD in against CC spending. That way credit rating is not a test of credit worthiness.

maybank public and Rakyat banks allow you a credit crd if you put down a fd with them  I put 10,000 with Rakyat.

rosa1234567 :


Want to know if credit rating is bad in home country can an expat apply for a credit card in malayisa

I have the same question.

How about for expatriates if she/he have a bad credit score in the country she came from then applied for a credit card in Malaysia and was rejected. Is that the reason why she/he got rejected? Does the banks in Malaysia also sweep of all your previous spending history (credit check) in other countries?

I had to put 10 k on fd to get a 10 k credit card but I am over 65 and no card allowed in malaysia if over 65

I believe that is your bank.

My best mate is a MM2H holder here, and he uses HSBC, so I checked their qualifications for expat credit card applications and they don't list any maximum age.

Shop around.  Find a better bank.

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