Franchise business in Bahrain

Hello Everyone,

I would like some information if anyone has experience or knowledge about opening a franchise in Bahrain.

I am mostly interested in food/juice/smoothies businesses. Any ideas how much the major brands like McDonalds, KFC etc charge for their franchises? or even some local franchises in Gulf?

Jasmis is doing good as well but is not a franchise yet.

Any recommendations?

Thanks in advance!

Mcdonalds & KFC you will be looking around BD125,000 minimum for a small franchise. They will also require a long track record in sales, business and the retail food industry and a firm financial backing. Other smaller franchises will be less but they are harder to build a successful business around.

Given the number of fast food joints in Bahrain already, I would doubt if any of the major brands would have any franchises available as they strictly control territories to ensure equal business for their franchisees.

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