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Hi all,
We visited Bulgaria last month looking for apartment for investment, not enough return, it was planned to buy apartment rent out for 4 years then buy a house to relocate to.  However, not enough return I think, so looking to buy a house now to go for holidays then live.
Looking at Kavarna area,
Need to live near expats, any ideas on areas please?
Thanks for reading request


I am about to make the move to Bulgaria and though I will be based in Sofia my fiancés family are based in Kavarna and I have quite a lot of experience with the town. It is a nice town with a lovely pedestrianized centre perfect for a gin and tonic in the summer not too far from Varna and close to good beaches. The towns beach isn't anything special but it is easy enough to find nice beaches near by. You also have Balchik which is a beautiful and small town with a great sea front as well as historic ruins of Kaliakra which I adore. My main recommendation would be to visit Delboka. This is a mussel restaurant run by a friend and it is amazing. Stunning views amazing food perfect place. (there are 2 restaurants there, as you are facing the sea go for the one on the right that one is the one with the fresh mussels.)

I hope this help,


There are various expats centres but the nationalities vary. There are several complexes by the sea that you could explore. There are also several holiday home complex's as you move south towards Albena which might be work looking at.

Hi Good Morning
Thank you so much for your reply, really helpful and informative.
Its difficult isn't it choosing the right area, we love the Country having said that travelling around to every town and resort to find the perfect place isn't an option,  I really appreciate your comments and will look further into the areas mentioned.
We were buying before the end of this year and have now decided to wait until just before the new season to find the right one for us. 
I wish you all the very best for your new adventure, exciting isn't it!
Many thanks again for your input,

No worries. I am now based in Bulgaria and loving it. Hope you make the transition soon. :D

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