Using this forum for personal business benefits

I was contacted by Bazbys through this forum and told to email her she wanted to connect with me.  To me this forum was very helpful when years ago I wanted to move to Mexico.  I respect people personal time and involvement that they took and take to help people.

However as the rules of the forum suggest - this is not to be used for personal business gain and that is precisly what this BAZBYS person has and is doing.

I wrote back and told them to look up the work ethitics and some other words as in reference to business. 

The name they are using to personally contact you is    BAZBYS

Please report any PMs they send.
Business is fine in the classifieds sections, but spam pms and using the open forums is not acceptable.

Yes (got the same bazbis), they were asking to add me to their contact. I just refused. GyC

Hi everyone,

Indeed as mentioned by Fred above, please report the pm/profile of this member. We will investigate the matter. Click on the "report" button on the right side of the pm you received or go directly on that member's profile and report.

Thank you in advance,

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