New Beginnings

Hi to you all. So I am a newbie ! Just joined the website and just about to join you in my new life in Bulgaria.
I am firstly looking to maybe meet up with some of ye when I come over for a couple of weeks early in november. I have bought a little house about 30 mins away from Troyan and need to come over and start to make plans for my new life.
On this visit I want to try to buy a small van to drive back to Portugal so I can transport some of my wordly junk and the dog back to Bulgaria asap.
I am trying to find a local guest house run by expats so I can get some much needed advice over the breakfast table and start a bit of net working as my only Bulgarian friend now lives in Sweden. So does anyone know of a guest house in or near to Troyan on the Lovech side.
Ok so thats it for now.
Hope to hear from a few new friends.

Hi, Just sending a reply because I think we joined on the same day and only me and you have no replies .  Shame really because I was asking for some help and I think you were too.
Come on help out!

If I can offer a little help I will be happy to help?
I do know of other members that are bob on with advice for Bulgaria too?
OK best wishes Steve.

Thank you so much Steve, that is very kind of you.
We are leaving our trip now until just before the new season
Really appreciate your reply and will keep in touch
Best wishes Christine

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