Are you happy in Qatar?

Hello everyone!

According to the 2016 UN World Happiness Survey, Denmark, Switzerland and Iceland are the happiest countries on earth.

How about you? Are you happy in Qatar? Do you feel happier today in your host country than before in your home country? What has contributed to the change?

In your opinion, are locals in Qatar happy? How can you tell?

Please share your experience!

Well, I will admit that I'm happier in Qatar because, compared to where I was, I mean my circumstances, back in my country, life is sure better for me here in Qatar. Unlike the days in my country, I see hope and a brighter future even though I am not satisfied with my present state. However, I don't think same can be said about everyone in Qatar, especially the low class and even some middle class. Reason could be mainly due to accommodation, transportation and  other socio-economical challenges and also,  the sponsorship system and family visa issues. These issues have posed lots of challenges to many foreigners and have made many throw in the towel and bow to the pressure while some have had to go back.

Yes indeed... right now, qatar is the safest place in the world. I was born here and have seen the culture and people. Its moderate changes are good for good reasons. No racism compared to all other countries. Most peaceful life here in qatar and access to travel all other countries very easily as they fall equally distant from qatar.


no I am not happy qatar there are too much poblem. now I am unhappy qatar because qatar are not good job for Bangladeshi man. qatar product rates is too much here liveing high cost for a man

well, my job makes me feel so busy in a way that i don't even ask myself this question.
Sure here it is very hard to trust pple or to make reliable friends but at least it is safe, safety is very important to me.

I agree. Safety is very important since most of the countries in fire. But dont allowed your self to be a asocial. Definitely there are many people around and their friendlies doesnt come with benefit. Hope u can find

Yes of course. As regards safety, Qatar is very safe. Culturally, Qatar is modernizing itself to Western standards, yet unlike the UAE, it still keeps the oriental and Islamic values. In Qatar, you can go with Arabic or English, you will always find someone to communicate with you. Women in malls and streets have free dress code , are not harrassed either verbally or physically. That is something rare in other countries in the Middle East except for few coutries like Turkey or Lebanon to a lesser extent.
Qatar is also a multicultural and multiracial community.
I think that with the World Cup drawing near, things will be going better for Qatar, its people and residents.

Qatar is a nice place honestly,the problem comes in during summer, temperatures go as high as 50 degrees , if you happen to work outside during summer,you will curse the place, if interested to come to this place, kindly seek for an indoors job to avoid the discomforting summer temperatures.secondly, the  sponsorship system as mentioned by Femi above,is not good at all, we are hoping the new labor law takes effect on 13-12-2016.THERE IS NO RACISM IN QATAR.

i do have friends that are reliable but all of them are working with me, my best friend is married with kids so whenever i wanna hangout with her she must bring her kids and that pisses me off lol

Safety is the best factor Luna public beach...bars are only in hotels...everything closes Friday noon...they scan your ID in night clubs & bars...the Yellow Bus (hop-on hop-off) has nothing to show...rents are extremely high leading to expensive prices of goods (apparel...etc), for the past 10 years they are digging everywhere in streets, Katara, Souq, malls....even in my bedroom
Yes I am happy....what do the Swiss know? :-)

Carlo. Zoo is open now.

Carlo. You can go to Aqua park.. no fun, thats an issue like what type of fun r u looking for. Religious, off course you need to respect that. But its moderate. We have church here. Public beaches are there but we need to travel out of doha but u can go in hotels along sea side. Every hotel has a beach and if u need public beach then u have to go to the pearl, they have public beach there. Bars are only in hotel which prevents violence on street like it happens in other countries. Whats the problem if they scan id in clubs.. good for security reasons. Roads are being dug for better looking qatar. Yes they have started late but we have seen same roads being dug 100 times and not levelled .. companies are looting the govt here. But we cant help it. Lets hope for best. U wont find people drunk and walking on streets like zombies and fighting.

expat.g :

i do have friends that are reliable but all of them are working with me, my best friend is married with kids so whenever i wanna hangout with her she must bring her kids and that pisses me off lol

Hi @expat.g

i think if u have time and money , u coukd have fun , and i like that even clubs here are fun even though pple hate them , still u don't see crazy things like drugs and such and people don't get super drunk which is good too

hahaha.....I love your logic....specially the "violence on the street" part. Never thought of that. Thanks for highlighting it

Zoo is open in al Murra area... the area opposite Villaggio

went there several times. doesn't exist

My friend had gone there and shared pictures

is it possible to contact them to see the photos and know the exact location?

Check this out from Doha News: "The 30-year old Doha Zoo, which is located opposite Aspire Park and Villaggio Mall, was shut amid criticism over its small size, outdated facilities and treatment of animals."

Yes of course I will be happy in Qatar , Qatar is a good Country and have good features and I am a Senior Hvac Technician and my Work and my experiences is very Useful in Qatar but I must have Working Visa for going there .

i have no idea about that,but welling to find it out...

Thank you Mariayusuf .

Hi im happy to have job to earn a living. But im not happy of our situations as we are strictly treated like jailed people.

for sure no
i like outing in outdoor places which is impossible here most of the time
i like to find varieties in entertainment but it's very limited here
i like to internally travel inside the country itself to see different habits but it's not applicable here
i like to stay outside in Thursday night till the morning since it's the weekend but all the nights closed by 2 am so after that u find only few places open 24 hours either restaurants or  cafes which is nonsense
i like to enjoy the natural sights Parks, Sea view, Ocean View, colorful sights
but hear whenever u go u c desert, only yellow color u c except the Peal & Katara. we are surrounded by pale colors which is cause depression 
we r living in a big construction site with a very bad weather. Safe & secured but not joyful


Yes I am happy here however I don't feel stable
A lot of cost optimization exercises going every where which effects all salaries and job offers
So if I have the stability feeling then everything will be great
It's not a nice thing that you don't know your future steps specially when you have a family

we are not happy and how about you

Happy in Qatar???
thats a real tricky question to answer... depends on ur job, salary, family..

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