Are you happy in Puerto Rico?

Hello everyone!

According to the 2016 UN World Happiness Survey, Denmark, Switzerland and Iceland are the happiest countries on earth.

How about you? Are you happy in Puerto Rico? Do you feel happier today in your host country than before in your home country? What has contributed to the change?

In your opinion, are locals in Puerto Rico happy? How can you tell?

Please share your experience!

Yes, many tell me about the hardship it is laying in a hammock drinking pina coladas and having to swim down to get a free live lobster for lunch. Many people are miserable also because they will not have the joy of shoveling the snow off their cars and driveway.

Rough life for you.

I am still in the states and will soon be having fun shoveling 24 inches of snow every few days in a month or two. :sosad:

It's a split - we're totally happy and we were on a catamaran off the coast of Fajardo yesterday. But today, I spent over 3.5 hours just to see one doctor and get bloodwork done, which is intensely frustrating.

Puerto Rico has an incredible amount going for it, and it's a lovely place. But whether you're talking the lack of doctors/medical care issues, tax office lines, or dealing with the utilities, the lack of service/functional business can be a drag. It's not that everything is perfect in the States, it's more that things COULD work better here, but they just...don't. Like when you go to the grocery store, and there are long lines - but all the employees are just standing around texting and talking to each other, instead of helping check out/bag groceries. Or the elevators in your building are 1.5 years past their inspection expiration, but when you ask the maintenance guy, he just shrugs and tells you "eh, they won't pass." Like that's....ok?

The lack of caring gets to you after a while, even when everything else is amazing. Still wouldn't want to move back to the mainland, but I can feel how it might wear me down, long-term.

I found the lack of functionality difficult as well. My partner and I moved down in January with our toddler daughter, excited about the island and the chance to spend more time with his extended family. But as more and more services were cut or proven to be unreliable, I ended up moving back with her several weeks ago. My partner is in a contract so he'll have to stay awhile longer. But we decided that it would be better to have our little one have increased access to resources (it was nothing to wait an hour for a bus to the nearest playground, or to have the bus speed past though we were frantically waving from the stop). I also got tired of having to run for my life in a crosswalk while people sped through the red light. The island is gorgeous and the people generally friendly; I'm just saddened at where it is now and how long I think it will take to recover from the economic crisis.

Puerto Rico is now my home.  I am happy here and am happy about where I decided to live, which is in Palmas del Mar in Humacao.  There are trade-offs.  Some aspects of my former life I dearly miss, such as public libraries, diverse live music, off-the-boat-fresh seafood, and my ragtag group of  wonderful friends. And yet, I am not unhappy with my choice.  It is good enough.

Am I happy?
Yes, sometimes I am very happy here. When I am at a beautiful beach or when I am out with friends at a beach bar, enjoying life.
But the reality is, that life here is a challenge for your nerves!
I freak out every time I am driving because people here win their license in the lottery and police isn't doing their work.
And yes, doctor appointments, shopping or things like getting a new drivers license can kill you!
People here don't know nothing about service and it seems that they just don't care. If you tell them that something takes too long they smile at you or they get angry.
My husband told the people who pick up the trash not to come again in the middle of the night because they wake us up.
They came at 3 ir 4.30 am in the morning!
4 weeks ago my husband got out of bed and told them to stop it. There are laws and they should keep the laws!
The trash people told him that if he got a problem with that they will not pick up the trash anymore. And believe it or not, they are not coming in our street anymore!
My husband had to call there and to tell them, that they should come and pick up the trash.
Again second week without tradh pick up.
Yes, we are very happy here! :P

LOL, you got your original wish, they are no longer coming at 3 am to pickup the trash.
What about the other people in the same street, are they upset about the time of the trash pickup?
With the heat in PR, I can understand that they want to get the trash run done by noon and head to the beach or the bar, but the noice at 3 am can be a problem.

Trash pickup a lot of times is contracted to a company by the town, talk to the Mayor's office about both issues, the early hour and the fact they stop coming.

Servers typically make a pittance in salary and if they do not get good tips they tend to sour quickly, that is not an excuse, but it is what happens a lot of times. The problem is the management that does not properly train them and is not quick to get rid of people that do lousy service.

As to government workers ..... Forget it, you will get an ulcer if you get upset with them, the government and the unions protect them, so removing them hardly ever happens. They know it, so the give the worse they can get away with.
Businesses need to train the people and get rid of those that are inefficient or provide lousy service, after all there are a lot of people looking for a job and few jobs. As an employer I would be very selective, but in goverment, due to protections it is hard to fire someone.

Yea - They pick up the trash at my place about 4AM - I always thought due to the hot weather- it's much cooler at 4AM than 4PM!!  If I had to do that for a living, it would be at night.

The guys that pick up the trash on our neighborhood come at different times every week. When we are there I make it a purpose to say hi and offer water or soda. I have no problems with trash been left over or trash can been all bang up. They even collect the branches and stuff that doesn't fit on the trash can.  :cool:

And yes we are very happy when we are in the island. It is extremely difficult to leave every time. Can't wait to retire and be there 100%

Mine is the reverse of most of you, because moving to PR is moving to my island, culture and language that I left soooo long ago.

When I get to go to the island, I am very happy. I do feel lost a bit because so much has changed since I left the island, new urbanizaciones, new malls, expressways, new hotels and goverment offices I never had to deal with because I was barely 20 back then.

I do hate to leave the island and come back to work away from my brother, my oldest son, grand kids, cousins and aunts that all live in the island.

Every year I am away from PR makes me wonder if I will ever return to my Isla Del Encanto. Yes, I am super home sick because I can not yet move to the island, but the ducks are starting to line up and I am getting more mainlanders friends in the island thru this forum so I will not loose my English and I will have the opportunity to show them the richness of the island.

I'm definitely seeing a difference in answers between those of us who are living here and the folks who aren't here full-time yet....haha.

I find the culture here to be warm and friendly. You are treated as kindly as you treat others. People smile if you smile at them. You receive warm greetings as often as you offer warm greetings. Good lessons for life!!
If I walk into a store, gas station, market, I automatically smile and everyone graciously treats me with loving warmth and respect.  My spanish is pretty broken, but with a smile and a humble "lo siento", many will make an effort to communicate, with kindness.
I've  travelled 45 of the 50 contiguous U.S. States and never found consistency of kindness and respect, until I moved to Puerto Rico. And who can complain, when people love their culture enough to sing their songs openly, dance their dances publicly, and share their culture so freely, to us U.S. "EXPATS".
YES, I am happy in Puerto Rico, my home.

Yup, I'm happy in PR. 15 years (full time) here in the mean time.

Everywhere there's something that is not as nice/good and PR is no exception but Utopia doesn't exist.

I agree. Customer Service is non existence.

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