Are you happy in the Netherlands?

Our stories have only a few small differences, but in general it is absolutely the same view!
I spent 'only' 36 years in mother Serbia, and I came to the Netherlands with my husband and three sons.
We got a warm welcome from many people here and a great help to start our new life more easily.
We are much happier here, feel more accepted from the society, feel that we have greater chances here.
Yes, there are many good people in Serbia, but they are spent in the last 30 years of all happenings.
What I like here the most is that you have a lot of nature all around so your eyes and mind can have a good rest.
Many birds singing all the time, a lot of water, grass is really green (it has to do with the Dutch weather conditions, currently in Serbia grass is gone by high temperatures over 40C)
I just feel more relaxed and accepted here.

Yes I like it a lot, but I still work a lot in Germany....
Basically there is no work here :-(((

I am from India but was living in Dubai for five years before moving to Rotterdam.It was a tough decision where we had a option of staying back.Coming here it's been mix reviews and have learned to be happy.You can't have everything in you platter,I know luxury is less and you need to be practical but there is peace at mind and weather wise you feel good.I have honestly intact become more health conscious coming here and keep moving everyday with new positive thought.Its too early to say how much I like here but time being yes I love this place for lots of other things.If few people don't smile back at you it's everywhere but there are out of 10 at least 6 respond back so looking forwards to find more plus points to write back again

:) I totally agree with you. I recognize your feeling

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