Are you happy in Latvia?

Hello everyone!

According to the 2016 UN World Happiness Survey, Denmark, Switzerland and Iceland are the happiest countries on earth.

How about you? Are you happy in Latvia? Do you feel happier today in your host country than before in your home country? What has contributed to the change?

In your opinion, are locals in Latvia happy? How can you tell?

Please share your experience!

iam new here..I would like to know something about Latvia......

Riga, in my opinion, is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. It is not for nothing that it is listed as a UNESCO heritage site as a city with one of the largest collections of Art Nouveau buildings in the world - 40% of houses in Riga are built in art nouveau style.        Riga is an ancient city: 1201 is considered to be the date of its foundation. Therefore, the abundance of historical attractions in it looks quite natural. Most of them are located in the old part of the city, the so-called Old Riga.  We are quite happy in Riga!

I agree.   Riga is one of the nicest old cities in Europe. The traffic situation is something to be desired but that is to be expected because of the original design and modern technology clash but the old city is lovely . Wonderful place to visit

Yes and no. Made mistake of trust when my partner suggested i sell my house in UK to builda bigger one here. It is her barn shed of wood but I speant my savings my private pensions and no my state pension of this project.She now tells me I have done what she asked and can now bugger off back home to UK. She has not spent a penny euro of helping build or feed us. It is may hard work and funding. You try getting a solicitor in Latvia to assist you in such a case as all Latvians try this on i now find. Law says she owns it end of story she knew when in England this would be the case.i have been used of 40k and nothing left to go home. Before any trust Latvian women better to never do it.

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