Are you happy in Dominican Republic?

Hello everyone!

According to the 2016 UN World Happiness Survey, Denmark, Switzerland and Iceland are the happiest countries on earth.

How about you? Are you happy in Dominican Republic? Do you feel happier today in your host country than before in your home country? What has contributed to the change?

In your opinion, are locals in Dominican Republic happy? How can you tell?

Please share your experience!

I think for the most part people are actually happy. Yes we all complain about things but people here are used to the way things are and have been.  They get on with living.

Personally - I am WAYYYYY happier here then I was. I love my life here.  There are things here that irritate me and challenge me but when weighed against all the positive -  no comparison!    Life for me here is awesome.

Yes, I'm happy here, mind you I wasn't unhappy before moving.

Yes happy and healthy here.  Have not looked back for a second in over 10 years.

Your live is what you make it

Bob K

I just took a short survey here at the airport. 2 people are VERY happy to be boarding a plane in 45 minutes and heading to Sosua DR. Best wishes from family and friends have not stopped as we embark for the next 6 months in our test trial of moving from winter to warmth to permanency. Our expectations are tempered and relaxed. All that matters is we are happy hoping to heighten our lives. If anyone would like to share their thoughts we would be grateful.
Our base is Casa Linda.
- Where to go for Spanish classes. Like as in enrolling back to school. Its one of our priorities.
- Volunteering. Any comments welcomed. Any opportunities welcomed.
For everything else we are looking forward to searching and wondering about..
Many thanks

I confess I never plucked up the courage to live in DR.

When I come over, I stay for 3-4 months and then go back to the South of France. 
Am I happy there?  Probably 50-50.  My kids live near London so easy to get there.  My wife and I still talk about moving over but at our age not sure.  And we had to cancel out last trip due to illness.  And the health care in France is fantastic.  Anyway we are booked to cover in January 2017, fingers crossed. 



Welcome "home" neighbor.  There are lots of Spanish schools in Sosua as well as private lessons. Check the bulletin board outside the door at the Playero Supermarket for many adds.

As to volunteering lots about.  Spend a few weeks exploring and see what interests you.

Let me know if I can help with anything.

Bob K

Bob. thank you and yes will follow that advice.

I would say yes.....we have been here off and on for a year now.  It is much more peaceful here, less stress, less demands on time and money.  People as Planner said are generally happy, the locals I'm referring to...Life is a slower more relaxed pace, we like that.  We don't miss much from our old home, just mainly family and friends.  Occasionally some certain food items but then we just compensate with something from here... I found the atmosphere in my country too tense, too hurried, too expensive...Here yes there are often little daily struggles but they are not overwhelming. Of course on occasion bigger things do happen but you just learn to go with the flow knowing that things will improve in a day or two and they almost always do. Hope that helps. And also like Bob said, life is what you make it....Happiness comes from inside, your attitude.

It's too subjective a term to be meaningful. Some people are really happy in the same country where some people are really sad.

Of note..Day 1 we meet in person a Youtuber who speaks on the DR. I know him the moment he swings his scooter up to us. He knows we are fresh gringos..white meat and all. His business is knowledge and sharing. Take my card. A story can be told many ways. The old adage its not what I say but how I say it. Standing in the heat on the corner downtown Sosua my wife is slowly shrinking and in her mind heading back to the airport FAST...we are no doubt not going to survive if everything hes sharing is gospel. I did not know, ever read in many of my research that Sosua is the arm pit of DR..people getting mauled by police loosing everything ect ect

Episodes of the Walking Dead seeking safe haven behind fenced compounds comes to mind. Can we survive getting back to the security of Casa Linda?

Nice person doing what he does. I listen with earnest. But there is a point where balance is required. Skip to this morning.

WE wake up to day 5 in DR. Its Saturday. 2nd day of no rain. Looking out into the sky last night see nothing but stars. 
Eggs & pineapple. Fresh comes to mind. Big beautiful yolks. Sweet fruit.
Are we tourist or newbie residents. Too early to define how we feel.
Email for business is excellent. Blazing fast.
The office changes my cell plan FAST. The bill was noticeable day 2.
We will purchase a Sim card today for burner phone.

We have visited playa Sosua and Cabareta. Endless polite vendors. When we take the time to explain were here for 6 months, searching for the right location they transition from selling to sharing information. The rush to sell white gringos slows down as word goes out. We enjoy our day relaxed and thinking over the prospects of life in DR.
The best advice has been written often. Learn the language. Thank you to those that have stressed. We are enrolled beginning Monday for blocks of 2 weeks. 8:45 - 12:30. We are excited. I'm a grade 9 drop out from northern Ontario. My kids send me link to Rodney Dangerfield's movie..Back to School....

Dive gear long sitting in the corner basement back home is ready to go. After school begin to recert Padi.   
We take the bus from Cabareta back to Sosua. Packed to the limit. I get taken for 100 Pesos..should have been 100 total but only had 200 and it was out of my hand into his so fast and the van shot off. Nano Seconds...Orchestrated act of driver and herder. If they would have taken the time to look back would see me smiling from ear to ear. I just got schooled....awesome.

Rule 1. We are warned over and over be careful. Yes and thank you. That advice is well absorbed.

I want to buy a scooter...listen to Rule 1 :]

Thats happens after we purchase health insurance. We maul over healthcare private local to DR or international. Once we decide I'm looking for a scooter.

Todays agenda..laundry and Puerto Plata Mercado trip. We need to get ready for school come Monday...

To all of you that expressed life in DR, sharing your lives in open format thank you. We are here because of you. You've blazed a trail. We are grateful.

Great post. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to many more. I will be in your shoes,early next year.

Awesome post, thanks for.sharing!  Fear mongering is not right. Everyone needs to see the whole picture from many different perspectives. Thanks for sharing yours!!!

Great post... keep them coming

Bob K

I am very happy in the Dominican Republic.  I had to adjust to different styles of living, but I feel it was worth it.  I believe what contributes to this feeling is that I am able to do more outside events any day of the week, at any time, there is no rush, rush here peaceful, I am less stressful.  I feel I don't have to rush to do anything. And the best thing is it is very economical.  Except the private school for my kids!

What private school do your children attend if I may ask and price.  I am looking to move next summer and have a 7 year old daughter

our daughter age 10 goes to the Las Terrenas International School, it costs 8000 pesos a month, a bit expensive but good, she is now quite bilingual although her maths could be better.

Thank you

I live in Santiago they attend St David School. Which by the way I really like. I paid 35,000 per month for two kids in 8th and 10th grade. Plus the inicial which was 800 dollars for both of them.  Any question feel free to ask me.

Thank you so much I am super excited about moving now

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