Are you happy in Croatia?

Hello everyone!

According to the 2016 UN World Happiness Survey, Denmark, Switzerland and Iceland are the happiest countries on earth.

How about you? Are you happy in Croatia? Do you feel happier today in your host country than before in your home country? What has contributed to the change?

In your opinion, are locals in Croatia happy? How can you tell?

Please share your experience!

I am happy because I am finally living in the kind of property I always wanted. I moved from England to Scotland in 1997 and what I wanted was a small farmhouse with farm buildings and a bit of land.   My budget for such a property at the time was quite limited so I would probably have had to buy a ruin and initially live in a caravan on the site. I ended up buying a fishermans cottage on the seafront as it was very cheap and seemed like a good investment. The plan was to modernise that one, sell it at a profit and thereby have more cash to buy my farmhouse. This backfired though. when I sold the coastal house I then found that all the farmhouses I was interested in had already been sold within a period of  a few weeks, despite many of them having previously been on the market for a few years. The only place I could get was a very small country cottage on a very busy main road.

My house in Croatia is exactly the sort of thing I was looking for when i moved to Scotland. It is also in the right sort of location, with very little traffic and very few neighbours but not totally isolated. Most of the people I meet are cheerful and friendly and quite a few speak some English. Living costs are much lower than in UK, mainly due to lower taxation (UK Council tax is probably the highest in the world).

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